Shuttle Info


There are two routes from Camp Baker to Eden Bridge. The short route is 70 miles, with all but 7 miles of gravel. We do not use this route. Most vehicles and trailers are not designed for the abuse this road dishes out. We take all of our shuttles the long way, which is traveling back through White Sulphur Springs, to Great Falls, then on to Eden Bridge. This route is 160 miles with all but 12 miles on pavement. Please have enough fuel in your vehicle to travel 180 miles (160 mile shuttle and 17 miles back to the nearest fuel station).


We charge $150.00 per vehicle to deliver a sparkling clean vehicle to Eden Bridge while you float the beautiful Smith River.

Remember–we wash and detail every vehicle!


We are occasionally asked about insurance. We have consulted many insurance experts. If there is such a thing as “shuttle insurance”, we have not found it. By authorizing us to drive your vehicle, you are extending your vehicle coverage to us. Rest assured, if we dent a fender or ruin a tire, we will fix it. Simple as that. Occasionally, a tire will blow out or a topper window will get broken with a rock. These are the things that we expect you or your insurance to stand as they are beyond our control. We try our very best, but things can happen. Know that we go out of our way to be fair to you and we have twenty years of experience to back it up.



We couldn’t do what we do without our outstanding drivers. Who are our drivers? We have military retirees, civilian retirees, local housewives and college students. Many of our students are also part of our cleaning crew. They are all dependable and conscientious.


These are the people that supply all the elbow grease that makes your vehicle sparkle. This group is comprised of high school students, college students, and members of our family. They take great pride in making your vehicle look its best. We also have the ability to deal with any small issues that may arise, such as repairing a flat tire, so that your vehicle is ready and waiting for you when you get off the beautiful Smith River.